Who is this ?

it's a tough question.but i can try...my name is Raghu Varma and i would love, if you guys call me ragz....I' am 26 years old,Indian and am a graduate in computers .I finished my 3D course from PADMALAYA TELE FILMS Ltd.,Hyderabad in 2005.After some efforts in the college,i wanted to specialize in character animation.So pursued my advanced Animation specialization from RACE ANIMATION college,Hyderabad!!!After that i did my internship under Mr. Bhaskar ,senior character animator in DQE.

My interests :
observing people and their attitude, have a close look at their behavior and emotions as part of my profession...apart from it playing snookers,watching lots of movies, reading articles, love playing games and having fun with mah friens...oh i love partying...

My Favorite Movies : hmmmmmmm my fav movies aaaare....where to start ...ok... all animated movies...most recently fascinated by works in movies like

Kung fu panda
horton hears a who
ice age
Monsters INC...and the list goes on...

My Favorite Music : people say i' am totally wild as i prefer rock.....heavy metal......but not while working..i say no to music while working, as it distracts me...

My Favorite Books : All cartoon comics i' ve been reading since my childhood, long list of art based books and of-course our animation bible ..the great ANIMATION SURVIVAL KIT by Richard Williams.

Why am i here ?

Ever since i was playing video games in my childhood,i was fascinated about this. I decided to be a part of it when i grow up...and later on again by few movies and CARTOONS i was inspired to pursue my dream....after a couple of years when i grew up young and was enjoying my life, having loads of fun and 've been distracted by fun activities and parties ,i remembered that i once wanted to be a part of the Entertainment industry...then i had no clue where to start up from and what to do to achieve my dream...after so much of research and inquiry on the field with the help of mah friends,i knew where to go and what to do....ANIMATION!!! Thanks to my dad. He always allowed me to do want ever i wanted to. Then, with his support i took a long way finishing my animation course and finished my advanced character animation course. Later i worked for VOXEL studios and MOBILITY ARTS as animator and mo-cap artist and 'am presently with CLUSTERS.still exploring!!